About Me

Amanda Manzanares

In December 2019 I earned a M.A. in Earth Sciences from the University of Northern Colorado’s (UNC). While completing geology courses at UNC I also took courses in educational psychology, which is when my interest in educational psychology blossomed.

I am in my third year of earning a Ph.D. in educational psychology with a specialization in geology at UNC.

After earning my degree, I want to teach. I see myself as a professor, teaching and mentoring earth science students. Another goal of mine is to work with grade school instructors. I hope with the breadth of knowledge I gain while earning my degree, I can help alleviate any concerns and/or misunderstandings teachers have regarding teaching geology and/or earth sciences.

Another aspiration of mine is to work with grade school children and K-12 schools in Colorado. I have volunteered and taught science through enrichment programs since I was an undergraduate. I think it is important that both young girls and boys can see me, a female scientist, and as a role model. I give students the chance to hold rock, mineral and fossil samples that they would usually see behind glass in a museum. I see firsthand how these lessons help students better relate to the rocks, minerals and geological features that surround them.

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