Research and Interests

Current Research

I am currently a part of a National Science Foundation (NSF) research grant. The objective of our research is to create a Next Generation Concept Inventory (NGCI) assessment tool that includes concepts regarding the Food-Energy-Water Nexus.

Interests and Future Research

I am interested in research regarding how motivation, self-efficacy, alternative conceptions, and transformative experiences affect students learning of geoscience and other science concepts.

Going forward I want to use the NGCI to help me research the relationships between motivation, transformative experiences, and conceptual change.


Anderson, S. W., & Manzanares, A. D. (2018). Initial knowledge of college-level introductory geology students in the United States. Terrae Didat, 14, 326–329.

Manzanares, A. D., Jameson, M. M., & Anderson, S. W., Commentary: The Relevance of Training Geoscience Educators in How Students Learn (In Progress)

Manzanares, A. D., Anderson S. W., & Pugh K. J., Alternative Conceptions and Initial Knowledge State of Novice Geologist Regarding Mineral Identification (In Progress)

Horn, L., Manzanares, A. D., et al., Alignment among environmental programs in higher education: What Food-Energy-Water concepts are we covering in introductory courses? (In Progress)


Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences 2021 Lead Presenter: Students’ prior knowledge and alternative conceptions regarding food, energy, and water. Co-authors are Lydia Horne, Shirley Vincent, Steven Anderson, and Chelsie Romulo

STEM FOR ALL 2021 Lead Presenter: Creating a tool to gauge students’ knowledge of FEW concepts. Co-authors are Lydia Horne, Shirley Vincent, Steven Anderson, and Chelsie Romulo

Geological Society of America Annual Meeting and Exposition 2011 Poster Session Presenter: Replacement mechanisms in altered arc volcanic rocks: cathodoluminescence of the Inyo Mountains Volcanic Complex, eastern California. Co-authors are Angela L. Ekstrand, James R. Rougvie, Sorena S. Sorenson, and Timothy R. Rose (

Beloit College 35th Annual Student Symposium 2011 Symposium Presenter: Continental arc rocks of the Inyo Mountains Volcanic Complex: revealing their alteration history with cathodoluminescence

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